Experience a Godzilla Attack from 3 different vantage points. Hit "enter" to restart from a different view.

Update 1.1 - DK2 Windows support. Changed to daytime. Auto restarts after 20 secs.

DK2 PC Demo: 64-bit (69.3 MB) |

DK1 Mac Demo: 32-bit (64.6 MB) | 64-bit (69.3 MB) |

DK1 PC Demo: 32-bit (64.7 MB) | 64-bit (66.1 MB)

Audio comes from "The Godzilla" movie, owned and distributed by Warner Bros. The Godzilla Model is from the iOS game "Godzilla: Strike Zone" by Warner Bros. There are also some environment models from the Unity Asset Store by Quantum Theory. This demo was made with Unity3D, Luxology Modo and Mixamo.

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