A Beautiful Uni Dish with a Most Spectacular View

There is a fine dining restaurant in 2nd floor of the Eiffel Tower named Le Jules Verne Restaurant. The kitchen is overseen by Alain Ducasse and it has 1 michelin star, but it is much more about the view than the food. Not to say the food wasn’t fantastic, but to be able to cut the long lines and have the most amazing views of the city while city in Pininfarina chairs felt so opulent. That (and my love for Uni) compelled me to splurge for the $100 appetizer of Soft-boiled egg, sea urchin royale and gold caviar.

The dish was served in a beautiful porcelain egg and the presentation was sharp, with each component looking gorgeous. The soft boiled egg was perfectly cooked, but I was surprised at how muted the Uni and caviar flavors were. It was not a bad dish, but I was expecting more. Still the overall dining experience was excellent and the rest of the meal was quite a bargain for lunchtime, and afterwards you can walk around the outside deck.

Le Jules Verne



27. December 2011 by tipatat
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